My Life "To Do" List

During my junior year of high school my English teacher, Mrs. Dumalski, required us write in a notebook about various topics. One of those topics was a list of things we'd like to do in our life. I guess in some regards it's like a "bucket list," but I hate thinking of it that way because to me that term implies some fast approaching end to life and I don't want to think that way.

While I was searching through some older posts recently, I came across this post. It talks about all my attempts to journal. It also references my life "to do" list I wrote for Mrs. D's class when I was 17-years-old.

While reading this list this time around, I had an overwhelming feeling of amazement come over me. It was the first time I realized how closely this list represents the things I've either achieved, or still desire to achieve, without even having really looked at the list since it was first penned. I guess this speaks volumes to the sincerity of the goals I aspired to, and the sense of myself I apparently had at that point in my life.

This time around, instead of just listing them out, again, I've decided add a bit of commentary around each most of them.... Oh, and I get to check a few of them off the list (I love checking things off lists).

√ Finish college with a degree

I'm not sure how I would finish college and not have a degree so this kind of sounds funny to me. I think I meant was that I wanted to earn a Bachelor's degree. With that in mind, I not only have a undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science), but also a graduate degree (Master of Business Administration).

- > Amendment: Now the goal is to earn a Doctorate degree.

• Learn to speak two foreign languages

I've shied away from learning foreign languages. I believe this primarily has to do with my experience trying to learn French in 5th grade. Oh, and trying to learn Hebrew as well.

(It's funny how a bad experience at such a young age can influence you so many years later.)

In I learned basic Sign Language. These days I only remember a little Sign Language because I don't use it very often. I have, however, encountered some deaf individuals over the years and tried to sign as best I could. Typically, my attempt to communicate this way has been appreciated and the people I was speaking with were patient with me.

I think this warrants half a check.

-> Amendment: I'd like to take a stab at French again. Additionally, I'd like to add Italian to the list. I believe enhance the experience of the next item on this list.

• Travel around Europe

Though I've been to England and Ireland there are many more countries I'd like to see. Some of the place I'd like to go include: France, Italy, Australia, Spain and Asia. (Just to name a few)

Again, half a check.

• Camp in the mountains

Yeah . . . Still haven't done this. I've camped at a Bedouin camp in Israel and in Western Illinois as well; however, not the mountains as this goal specifies.

Another half check?

√ Keep in touch with everyone I want to after graduation

I have friends spanning 20+ years. I think I've achieved this goal.

√ Learn how to stop biting my nails every time I get nervous

Oddly enough, the last time I was under immense stress my nail actually grew.

• Learn to take professional pictures

WOW! I'm amazed that I put this down. Guess photography has always been a part of me - even when I didn't have a camera.

I'm not a professional photographer, but I'm constantly working on improving my skills. I don't know about making photography a profession, but maybe a side job some day.

√ Lose a pant size

Ah yes, vanity. I can check this one off.

• Live to see my 100th birthday in 2075

I always look at this one and laugh because I have no control over this, but I do hope it happens.

• Develop my singing talent

This remains on the list. Haven't done anything with this in years, but I'd like to get back into a singing group environment again some day.

• Develop my dancing skills

This stays on the list as well.

√ Always push myself to achieve more than I have

Most recent example -> Plan B. Enough said . . .

• Influence political people on important issues

Hmmmm . . . maybe if Plan B is actually achieved than I will be in a position to influence political people on issues I deem important. That said, even if it isn't achieved, I can still work on being influential in the political arena if I really felt passionate about doing so.

• Climb Mt. Everest

Ambitious!!! I'm keeping it on the list.

• Become famous

Another, hmmmm . . . I don't know that I'll be some big famous celebrity type, but it's possible I could be famous in my own little world of people/community.

Honestly, I'm not really sure where this one came from. It's not like me to want the spotlight. That's why I think if I were it would be within my own community.

√ Stay healthy

Always working on this one . . .

• Die peacefully

This is another I look at and realize I have no control over. I do hope this is the case when the time comes.

√ Help people

Though I'm putting a check by this item I don't plan to stop helping others - it brings me happiness.

So what's next?

Well, I'm happy to see that I've actually done some of these things, and started working on others. I want to continue working on these things. They truly are representative of the adventures and experiences I wish to have in life.

Additionally, I plan to add to the list. Back in January I posted a "bucket list" on this blog. Although, as I stated in the beginning of this post, I don't like the term "bucket list" I used that term because I had just watched the movie, "The Bucket List."

Some of the items I have on this list were on that list as well - such as learn French. With that in mind, there are new items to be added. Once I have a little more time, and energy, I will post them to this blog. Until then, I will continue to marvel in the things I set out to do as a young adult, and continue to strive for today.

Until later . . .

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Melissa said...

great post!!! my older son has been trying to learn sign language and is doing better than i am! next time you see him, you can practice together. :)