30 Day Song Challenge: Oh, Those Guilty Pleasures

As I can hope you can tell by now I'm pretty much open to sharing the types of music I enjoy listening to. There is, however, one type of music that I don't normally advertise . . .

Typically the only time I can be found listening to this type of music is when I'm home or in my car - ALONE. The only reason I listen to it in the car has to do with the fact that it will come on the radio and I can't bring myself to turn switch the station. Instead, I start groovin' along.

(Yep, that was me sitting next to you at the red light making a fool out of myself the other day.)

On this lovely, and rainy, (Happy) Friday the 13th, the 30 Day Song Challenge dictates I must share my "guilty pleasure" song. So, I'm coming out of the closet, or maybe I should say I'm coming out of my home and car . . . Either way, no judgement, please!

I listen to the Bee Gees. **She says sheepishly and in a low voice.** To make matters worse, this is one of my favorite Bee Gees songs:

Until later . . .

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