I Think It Was

The Official Sock Yarn Blankie Square Count for October 6, 2009:

Squares Needed: 736

Squares Knit and Stitched Together: 171

Squares Ready to be Added: 0

Remaining Squares Needed: LOTS! In real numbers 561

So, yeah. . . I came into a few minis since my last post. What I think scares me more is that I've added all these minis into blankie in less than a week. At about 145-ish I took an updated picture since I had FINALLY evened blankie out. No more odd shapes (at least at that point-in-time).


This weekend I told KP, and a few others, that I want blankie to be buried with me given the amount of time I have spent working on it. I mean I'm Jewish, so if I have a traditional burial they will need a shroud, right!? Such a morbid topic to make light of. I kind of felt it was an inappropriate comment to make in such a joking manner. No doubt odd. Again, it purely has to do with the hours and hours that have gone in to making this.

On a lighter note, I found a video on YouTube of some girl requsting yarn for her "scrap yarn blanket." It was totally original. Since her blanket is a worsted weight blanket I have a bunch of yarn I could contribute. I sent a message to see if we could arrange some sort of swap so we'll see what happens. Regardless, I think I'll send her some yarn.

Last but not least - Now that I've gotten through all the minis for my blanket I am starting to work on my mom's blanket again. I'm behind on it, sort of. I know I have time, but I don't want to keep using that as an excuse not to work on it and then wake up one day to find I have hardly any time left to finish it.

On that note . . .

Until later . . .

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