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First things first - The Sock Yarn Blankie update . . .

The Official Sock Yarn Blankie Square Count for July 7, 2009:

Squares Needed: 716

Squares Knit and Stitched Together: 28

Squares Ready to be Added: 1

Remaining Squares Needed: 687

Yay! My blankie is making progress.

The one thing I like about this blankie project is that it's something to work on while I'm trying to decide on what project I'm going to work on next. This time it wasn't necessarily a matter of what; more a matter of getting the materials. My cowork Dom has a daughter whose birthday is coming up. As a favor to Dom I'm making a pair of sock. Well, not only the socks. I'm also dyeing the yarn for her. Expect, I'm going to dye the yarn after I make the socks as it's going to be tie dye yarn. My approach - knit the socks first, then dye the yarn. So, the mission was to get bare yarn. Instead of waiting for bare yarn to arrive from an online vendor, I was given a skeing from a friend and then I ordered a replacement skein. In the meantime, I wound the yarn. This required the ever so popular make-shift swift approach.

Usually I put the skein around the back handle of my rocking chair. However, I tried a different approach this time (left) I decided to flip it over and place the skein around the legs. However that didn't give the tension I needed to wind the yarn. So, I then used the table approach (right). That worked A LOT better.

Now, I know from recent experience that using less vibrant colors has a tendency to bore me. So, I'm really nervous about knitting bare yarn and then dyeing it. I guess time will tell how it all goes. The I have sock and dyeing done by the end of the month - should be interesting.

In the meantime, I have started to design two new patterns. One is sock specific. The other can be transferred from socks to blankets to scarfs. I'm really excited about it since it was randomly developed. I am currently using it to make a headband.

That's all for now as I'm tired.

Until later . . .

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