Grover Opened A Massive Can Of Elephant Worms

Just some random thoughts to end the day . . .

• Are there some matters that are better left untouched regardless of how important it is that they be addressed???

You know those matters... They are the one you tuck far back in the corner of the closet with the intention that they'll never, ever, see the light of day. From time-to-time you take them out of their hiding place, take a look at 'em and then, once again, decide they're best kept tucked far, far away.

I didn't really mean to send the text message, however my finger somehow pushed the send button and off it went. I didn't mean to start "trouble." When I look back on that moment, I think there must have been something in my Chai Latte that caused me to have a massive bout of bravery. (It also didn't help that StarFruitKnits encouraged me to do it as well - at least that is the story that I'm sticking with).

That was a month ago. A month ago I opened a massive can of elephant worms that had been sitting in the closet for g-d only knows how long. (Ok, I know how long it has been there, but I'm not at liberty to say - it would give too much away.) I say "elephant worms" because it was like a purple suede elephant that we just ignored even though we knew it was there.

I've only sorta talked about the content of this text with its recipient. We've managed to skirt-over the matter. We both agree at some point we will need to address things, but for now we both seem to be fine with acknowledging the elephant worms and letting them slither around causing a bit of a slimy mess that stays in the back of my mind.

All this makes the other elephant keeping me company seem like nothing which is something I never thought would happen.

• In a recent tweet, I accident typed "Grover" instead of "groove." (How I got "Grover" from "groove" is really beyond me.) Anyhow, PT commented on my tweet which is what brought the error to my attention. PT said it was cute, which was nice of him to say. Initially I felt a bit on the stupid side for the mistake, but that might have had something to do with other unrelated factors. In the end, I eventually laughed about the whole thing. I also appreciated PT's sweet remarks. Also, I know I'll never look at a picture of Grover again without smiling and thinking of this mis-tweet.

• I had another crazy idea . . . . I've been seriously thinking about participating in 12 5k races in 2012. In theory, if I were to execute this plan, that would mean I would participate in one 5k race a month. Though doable, this leads me to the thought that I may have to travel to accomplish this goal; which never in my life did I ever imagine I would consider doing just so I could run 3.1 miles. (Seriously, I don't recognize myself right now.)

• I got D to commit to run a race with me in 2012. Now I'm working on BFF (I would totally travel to her if she agreed to run a race with me!). I tried recruiting Ash, but with his family's ever changing schedule, it's hard for him to commit. Apparently I'm also on a quest to recruit as many of my friends as possible to run 5k races with me. (Again, who is this person?)

• I have a lot of stuff to accomplish during the next two months, I hope this feeling of calm that I am experiencing right now lasts for awhile - I like it, A LOT!

• My reward for getting through all the stuff I have to accomplish is attending my first Blackhawk game. At the time I bought the ticket none of this was on my plate. Now, however, this is one of my incentives to keep going.

• I got my first b-day discount certificate in the mail two weeks ago from my favorite places to buy clothes. I hadn't really thought about my birthday up until that point, and honestly all I can really think in regards to my b-day is - it's November already? Where did this year go???

• This morning I heard "Thriller" on the radio. Then this evening I heard the song, "Ghostbusters." Just as I thought that it would be officially Halloween if I heard "Monster Mash," I flipped stations and there that song was - Halloween was officially complete!

• I never knew there was such a thing as "a perfect last day," but it turns out there is - and I experienced it. #thisisafirst

• Tomorrow I know will be challenging for me, but at least I know tonight I'm going to be happy when I go to sleep and I will keep that in mind as long as I possibly can.

Until later . . .


And Another Chapter Comes To A Close

Tomorrow, another chapter of my life will come to an end.

Over the past couple of years I've had a lot of chapters end just as quickly as they began. Though I call them chapters, they are probably more like sub-chapters of some greater chapter of my life that I will one day look back on and refer too. Until that day, I will continue to call them chapters.

When I started this chapter two months ago I did with much hesitation. Furthermore, to say things got off to a rocky start was putting it nicely. About three weeks into the experience I had my concerns regarding the whole situation and at times regretted my decision; however, somewhere along the way things shifted. Before I knew it I had begun to write this story more freely, and with more enthusiasm, than I had in the beginning. I opened up my mind, and my heart, and found things that I could take-away from the experience rather than focus on the things the things I wouldn't get from it.

Earlier this week, when it became apparent that the end was drawing near, my open mind, and heart, begun to close at a faster pace than it had initially opened. I wasn't surprised by my behavior - I was self-protecting. I had let down my guard without even realizing it and I wanted it back, quickly, so when the end had arrived I wouldn't be so upset. See, I'm not a fan of goodbyes; however, over the past couple of years I seem to be saying goodbye a lot in one way or another.

As I finalized the end of this chapter late this past week, I found my mind and heart once again open. I was surprised by this occurrence. This is not normal for me when I know the end is coming. However, I guess this is just further shows me that I am not my "normal" self anymore.

I'm not sure when the next chapter will be written. It could be awhile. Until then, I will look back on this chapter with fondness and appreciate what I got out of the experience.

On a somewhat related note, tomorrow will also bring the last day I post my random writing to this blog. For sometime I've wanted establish a new blog that more accurately reflected me. I still knit, but not like I use too. Furthermore, it's very far an few between that I actually blog about knitting. I will continue to maintain this blog, however any entries posted to it will be crafting related. All other topics I explore will be posted to my new blog; simply titled: Froggie.

Until later . . .